So Long and Thanks For All The Fish

After 40 years It’s time to shudder, and shutter.
I can no longer photograph. My rule is, Take no “Ain’t it a Shame” pictures. Now, that’s all there is.
Wish I could say, “Everything’s Great!” But why start lieing now. To all my dead Friends, “You Lucky Bastards!”.
You died before you found out what a load of bastards people are deep in their bones. You died with your youthful hope and optimism.
You didn’t get to know the massive fraud of people in public service or professional roles taking money with no intention of doing their jobs, much less doing them well.
You didn’t get to see our following generations institute mandatory conformity to what was the previous generations’ survival tactics.
You didn’t get happy lives, well no one else did either.
All those police beatings just for demonstrating for our Lives and Rights, all that Gas and the Horse-Charges, all the evictions, firings, living in poverty so tomorrow might be better, was the viscous lie of Hope. “Hope” is the ” thoughts and prayers” of politics.
Our following generations are nothing but braindeadconsumers believing they arrived on third base by their own efforts.
Just like every other group to make it through the cracked door of acceptance, they claim the bloodstains of our fallen brethren is nothing but sweat of their own selfmade success, having risen fully formed from the sea by their own hand.
How sharper than a serpent’s tooth… as if they had no obligation, by the gift of our suffering, to help all those too hurt and scared to stand before, to pry open that door and pull them through.
100 years hence, then maybe the world we wanted will come.

Since 1977 I’ve been recording people and places, lives and moments in time. Please contact me about your special moment.